Big Trees leaving for their real home

These 20 foot tall oak trees are leaving the farm they grew up at from an acorn for their forever home. They are carefully laid down on a long trailer, tied down and covered for a trip on the roads. Once the tree is near it's hole the fabric container is cut off and the tree is placed into the ground. Watering is very important until the tree is firmly grown in and a drip system is usually preferred. These evergreen trees will provide shade and privacy as soon as they are in the ground and more each year as they grow.

Cork Oak - a Lovely Tree

Cork Oak trees are medium sized evergreen trees that are the source of cork for wine corks and all the other cork products like bulletin boards and flooring. The bark is thick and interesting. It will grow easily. We have trees from a few feet tall to 20 feet tall.

Coast Live Oak or CLO is a beatiful evergreeen tree

The Coast live Oak, Quercus agrifolia is the easy to grow native evergreen tree for much of California. It has dark glossy leaves and can have various different shapes. These are 5 foot diameter containers. We grew these from choice acorns started 12 years ago and this is the time of year to collect more acorns for next year's new little seedlings. Also known as Quercus agrifolia, these CLOs grow in most parts of the SF bay area and are fairly fast growing. They do very well here in Napa.

Fig Trees - Grow easily - Prune to keep smaller

This is a good year for figs. Everyone I talked to about them said their trees did well this year too. Some varieties produce figs twice a year. Figs can be green or purple and the inside can be white to deep dark red-purple. Figs make fruit when the tree is still quite young and fig trees have few problems. Train a tree with lower branches so you can prune and pick fruit easier reducing the need to work on a ladder. Extra fruits can be dried to enjoy later on and many people like to barbeque them. I like to add them fresh or dried to salads. It is hard to buy fresh figs in a store because they are so soft and can over-ripen too fast and they can be kept large or small to fit your space.

Australian Finger Limes are just ripening

Finger Limes are getting to be popular. Stop by the farm if you want to try them. People call them "lime caviar" because inside the green/black/pink skin are hundreds of crisp tiny sour vesicles of juicy goodness. The flowers are pink/white and tiny and the leaves are much smaller than other citrus trees have.

It is naturally found in Australia and is very popular with chefs who like it as an attractive garnish for hors d'oeuvres, seafoods esp sushi or added to a salad or a salad dressing for a tangy pop when you bite them.

They are an understory tree or bush and so hot full sun may be too much for them. They need protection from frost so we cover them on the cold nights or they can be placed in a frost free section of your yard with some sun or near the house to benefit from the warmth at night. This is a fun fruit to try.