Tree Planting is ideal now that the rains have started

Fall planting of trees is on a lot of people's minds.  We had a couple of rains that took away the dusty dry feel of everyone's yards. Lots of people are getting trees tagged to plant asap so the roots have time to get established before summer comes.  Even though it rains in the winter here (we hope) you will still have to keep a good eye on the watering needs of freshly planted trees.  A nice simple drip system will cut down on water and time but still needs to be watched for irrigation snafus. Pictured is a low branching Coast Live Oak.  It is evergreen and keeps leaves on through the winter.  It can give you shade, privacy and wildlife too!  It is very easy to grow and likes a lot of different terrains.

Plant Trees in a drought?

Saving water in California is on everyone's mind, we hope.  Putting in drip irrigation and using lots of water-conserving techniques is no longer an option—it is a necessity.  Good old Ruth Stout's heavy mulching strategies will save much of what would evaporate without it.  Using gray water is now legal in California and just in time!  Our dear planet needs all the green we can plant, for keeping our CO2 levels from going even higher.  Plant trees and perennials whenever possible.  Green plants help the planet.  Shade from trees cools our homes, schools, animals and us.

Redwood Hedge

Coast Redwoods, Sequoia sempervirens, can be planted close to each other, 3 - 7 feet apart and then pruned and groomed to be a hedge. Ours was planted out of 24 inch containers and within 3 years, a fully private hedge was created. For this one, trees were placed about 4 feet apart and are now 12 feet tall. It is pruned so that the top is narrower than the base so the sun keeps the interior green, not browned which would happen if no light penetrates. Plan your height so that your ladder works! Redwoods are shallow rooted and need to be watered if they are not in a fog zone. Here at the Main Street Tree farm we have a single tree that has a 6-foot diameter trunk and makes quite an impact when you walk up to it through bush and suddenly see the massive giant's base up close.