The Cork Oak’s bark is visually dramatic on this hardy evergreen. It is also the age-old all-natural renewable resource for cork. The thick cork bark is harvested without harming the tree. This species grows very well in the regions of California where the climate is very similar to its native Mediterranean habitat. Our seed stock is sourced from the massive cork oaks located on the campus of UC Davis and the grounds of Napa State Hospital. 


Small size

4'- 6' tall $50-$80

Medium size

18" diameter root ball $200-$700

Large size

48″ diameter root ball 6″ – 7″ caliper 18′ + tall x 8′ wide

60″ root ball 8″ – 9″ caliper 27'+ tall x 10′ wide

72" root ball 

Not a true native to California, but grows well in our Mediterranean climate.  The thick cork bark is an interesting feature.  Cork Oak bark is where we get cork from to make cork boards, cork floors and the corks for wine bottles.

Come to our nursery / farm to choose the Cork Oak you would like to add to your landscape. The prices range from $50 - $15,000.