Main Street Trees is a small farm growing large oaks.  The farm is located in the middle of Napa.

Our family farm is located in the heart of Napa on 3 acres of what has been a fruit orchard north of downtown for over a hundred years.  We invite you to purchase oak trees grown from local acorns to specimen size in a natural setting or buy a tour and see free ranging chickens and taste the bounty of the food forest.  We grow using natural farming techniques.


Learn More about the Large Shade Trees we grow to sell by clicking on any of these trees

Coast Live Oak

Valley Oak

Cork Oak

Blue Oak

Coast Redwood


Learn more about our family orchard by clicking on any fruit collection.  We often offer tours to visitors to taste, smell and see all the delights of growing with nature in mind on a small family farm in beautiful Napa.







Plums and Pluots


Peaches and Nectarines


Other Fruits

Other Citrus