For more information about and pictures of most of these figs look on our Fig information page by finding Figs under About Us on the menu. Although most of those are not in stock to buy at this time you can see what we have to taste in the fall and what scion can some years be available if requested in December for January/February pick up at the farm.


Below is what was in stock as of July 2021.


Now available as of 7/23/2021

Smalls are in 4"x4"x14" or 4"x4"x10" deep tree pots

This group is $25 each: Black Mission, Black Jack, LSU Gold, LSU Hollister, LSU Giant Celeste, Desert King, Armenian, White Genoa, Violette de Bordeaux, Flanders, Igo, Brown Turkey, Texas Blue Giant, Excel, Iranian, IT 395

This group of small premium varieties are $85 each: Beard, Col de Dame noir, Eve's Black Cherry


4 gallon

White Genoa, Igo, Violette de Bordeaux, Black Jack,  Black Ischia/berry type

These are potted into 4 gallon. They are growing in nicely and have been in the pot for several years. $50 - $90. Some are single stem and some double or triple. 


Now available as of 10/20/2021

For large sized figs priced $400-$800 

Jurupe -  has breba, 6.5' x 8'  $500

Violette de Boreaux - has breba $500



Cash sales please