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Armenian, Black Mission, Iranian, Ralph Lawd, Corleone, Igo, IT 358, Texas Blue Giant, Texas Everbearing, Brown Turkey, Snowden, LSU Giant Celeste, Black Jack, Blanco, LSU Gold

This group above was started in January of 2019. $15- $20 each


Violette de Bordeaux, White Genoa, Excel, Black Mission

This group is a year older than the first group so they have very strong root system and need to be planted or repotted soon. $20-$25


Black Jack, White Genoa, Sultaine, Celeste, Violette de Bordeaux, Flanders

This group is in one gallon pots $30

Kadota, Desert King, White Genoa 

These are one year older in one gallon $35, not pictured


 Flander, Violette de Bordeaux 

These are well grown into 4x4x14 tree tubes $35


Celeste, Flanders, Sal, Black Mission, Sierra, White Genoa, Igo, Violette de Bordeaux, Black Jack, Excel, Desert King

These are potted into 4 gallon. They are growing in nicely and can stay in the pot for another year. $45


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