Main Street Trees has a great selection of small, medium and large size pomegranate plants.

We have small, medium and large pomegranates bushes.

Prices are from $15 - $400.........

In small sizes, $15-$30, we have: Grissarskii Rozovyi, Sakerdze, Vkusnyi, Vina, Hall, Nafis, Ariana, Hall, Kashmir Blend, Sharp Velvet, Cranberry, Parfianka, Granada, Nikitski, Desertnyi, Kyzi Bibi, Molla Nepes, Sirenevnyi

In Medium sizes, $40-$100, we have: Sakerdze, Vina, Myatadzhy, Early Wonderful, Wonderful, Haku Batan, Myatadzhy, Ariana, Sin Pepe, Vkusnyi, Kopetdog, Vina, Mejhos, 

In Large sizes, $175-$400, we have: Wonderful, Kashmir Blend, Sharp Velvet, Sirenevyi, Parfianca

For pictures and information on most of these look at our Pomegranate page.

Apple Trees - Large sizes ready to plant

This is a great time to add fruit trees to your garden if they are in containers. (January is the best time if purchasing bare root from local or mail order nurseries.) Our trees are about 6-8 years old and have already been producing fruit for years. They are trained to have multiple low branches for the pedestrian orchards, now popular, allowing you to stay off ladders and pack more varieties to extend the picking season. 

Click here to see the apples available and learn some information and view pictures of them. We have heirlooms and newer varieties.






Fig Trees for Sale

We have about 30 types of fig available right now in tiny and little sizes. Figs are becoming very popular and they are easy to grow in our area. There are basically no pests to deal with ad the trees produce fruit while they are very young. They are usually very fast growing and the fruit is wonderful to eat fresh, dry, process into jam, grill, etc! There are about a half dozen large trees for sale too.