Pomegranates need protection!

Without these metal sacks the rodents hollow out my favorite fruit. From a distance the fruit looks fine but there is a hole in the back and the arils are completely removed. With a mesh sack and a zip tie zero pomegranates were damaged last year. We are starting to bag them for another fantastic harvest this fall!

Fig Trees for Sale

We have about 30 types of fig available right now in tiny and little sizes. Figs are becoming very popular and they are easy to grow in our area. There are basically no pests to deal with ad the trees produce fruit while they are very young. They are usually very fast growing and the fruit is wonderful to eat fresh, dry, process into jam, grill, etc! There are about a half dozen large trees for sale too.

Plant Valley Oaks


For several decades we have carefully collected acorns from very large trees in the fall, sorted them, cleaned and stored them until it was time to plant them in tree tubes. Every year or two the small trees were up potted into larger and larger fabric pots which build great fiberous root systems without circling roots. Now is a great time to plant your future shade tree. We have a large selection of trees from 3 gallon to 300 gallon.