Replant Oak Trees Napa and Sonoma Counties

We are having a sale of small and medium-sized Coast Live Oaks, Quercus agrifolia for our community replanting after the fires. Most of the trees are in the $20 - $40 range. Message for an appointment to see the trees. The cool weather and rain are helpful during planting season. All of our oak trees were grown on our family farm using locally collected acorns. The farm is located in the town of Napa and we look forward to arranging a time to show these of other trees available.

Planting Trees Now

We have had as much rain as is needed for our community. Now is a great time to get those trees planted while the soil is damp.  

Main Street Trees in Napa has a nice selection of large oaks that were grown here from acorns and are grown in the most nurturing fabric pots for the healtiest roots. Call or email for a tree tour to tag your choices.