Your purchase must be picked up at the farm or we can help you arrange delivery by a local company.

Your item will be set up at the tree gate on Main St and your vehicle can arrive for us to load your trees.  We need several days or more to prepare your trees.  A deposit is required on pallets for the larger sizes of trees.

Usually the trees are loaded at the back gate, 2733 Main St  (this is not our mailing address)  just north of Pueblo.  Sometimes trees are loaded from the Beard Rd driveway.

These 9 companies can be asked to deliver your trees.    

Larger Trees:

Steve's Trees in Davis 916-802-1997 He can move and plant large trees and a lot of trees and has a crane on his truck

Nor Cal Trees  530-244-6278 - large trees and or lots of trees.  They will do delivery of your trees and offers planting the trees.

Eli Ponce of Eli Ponce & Sons 707-312-1083 in Napa.  They will do delivery of your trees with or without planting the trees.

C & A Trucking 707-795-9231 Cotati, CA  They are a trucking company.

Jim Van Winden at Van Winden Landscaping (not the nursery) (707) 224-1367

Alejandro Maldonado can bring large and small trees to you and plant if needed. He likely can not transport the huge trees. (707) 479-8679

Smaller Trees:

Josh Alexander 707-280-7322 He can haul smaller trees

Cesar's Landscaping  707-227-2265

Juan Lemus Maintenance 707-294-9845