Coast Live Oak is a sturdy evergreen that provides beauty and privacy in a natural landscape.


Coast Live Oaks grow well in many parts of California.  This beautiful evergreen oak was grown from an acorn on our farm in Napa using an acorn collected from Napa or Sonoma Counties. Customers select the trees of their choice to provide expand natural habitat and provide privacy.

Trees must be picked up from the farm.  We do not deliver or ship trees but will load the tree on your trailer.

 On the smaller side, We have 4'-6' for $80-$120, 10-30 gallon from $300-$800 up tp 18' tall.

The 48 inch diameter fabric pot, 150 gallon, will be strapped onto a sturdy pallet that requires a deposit of $300. The tree prices available in this container size are  $3000 to $6000. 48″ root ball 4″ – 6″ caliper are 18′ – 20′ tall x 8′ – 16′ wide

60 inch, 300 gallon container trees are available for $5,000 to $12,500. A few huge trees are more.  This 300 gallon fabric pot is strapped onto sturdy pallet requiring a $300 deposit. 60″ root ball 6″ – 8″ caliper are 18′ - 25' tall x 10′ - 18' wide

72 inch, 400 gallon fabric pots are priced according to height, width and caliper and are priced from $12,000 to $40,000. The pallet deposit is $450. 72" rootball 8" - 11" caliper are 22' - 32' tall x 10' x 20' wide


Evergreen oaks are attractive all year. The coast live oak does well on both the valley floor and on hillsides. It is great as a tree, shrub or trimmed as a 10-foot hedge. This classic California native has a beautiful branch structure. A handsome shade tree and easily managed, it is a very appropriate choice for our area. Our seed stock is sourced from prime trees located in Napa and Sonoma Counties.

Visit the farm, by appointment, to choose your tree. We will load the tree onto the truck or trailer for delivery to you.