Citrus need some help with frost

Citrus trees and bushes get a fabric tent to keep them a little warmer on the frosty nights here in north Napa.  It is a chore to keep them on and keep the trees happy under the covers but having the fresh citrus is worth the extra work.  We use the fruit fresh and preserved.  This frost cover can give about 5 degrees of protection. The mandarins will be ripe soon! 

Main Street Trees - Fruit Tasting

Our farm is hosting another Fruit Tasting this Sunday, Nov 30, 2014 at 3:00 if it is not raining. There should be around 20 fruits to taste such as 5 different pomegranates, fresh and dried persimmons, several citrus including Australian Finger Lime, Pineapple Guava. The $5 charge includes a partial farm tour of young and old fruit trees, demonstration of ecological farm practices, food grown in containers, backyard sized chicken coop and run made out of 2 discarded trampolines and more. Tell your fruit loving friends! We will try to hold this almost every week to learn and taste fruit and see how to care for and harvest year round by learning a little at a time and tasting what is ripe each week.

Heirloom Apples

Here in Napa at our suburban farm we grow apple trees. We have new varieties, common varieties and heirloom varieties. One of the oldest is probably Ashmead's Kernal Apple from 1700. I'm sure it never won a beautiful fruit award but it is a high scorer in taste tests. Click to the apple page on the website to see our list including Gravenstein 1669, Waltana 1910, Golden Russet 1845, Bramley's Seedling1813, Belle de Boskoop 1856, Northern Spy 1800. It is no wonder that the heirlooms have been preserved when you taste them. Worth growing because they taste great.