Our farm has a collection of over 40 varieties of Pomegranates.  Some are too young to have had fruit but we eagerly await that time for those to be tasted and enjoyed.

Not all of these are available to purchase. Click on the Pomegranate menu button for what is likely to be available.

Pomegranates below with a * might be available.



DPUN 137 / Balkan, Turkmenistan


 Ariana Pomegranate 

This variety came from Dr. Gregory Levin when he was stationed at the Turkmenistan Experimental Station of Plant Genetic Resources, Garrygala

It is a sweet-Tart type, with great flavor and medium to large sized fruit. Red rind with dark red arils and very soft seeds.

DPUN125 / Balkan, Turkmenistan


Blaze Pomegranate

Developed in CA

Plant showy with flowers and shiny red fruit rind. Fruit tart, pulp deep purple at maturity. Kernels red. Excellent for desert and jelly.

PI599112 / CA, USA




Cranberry Pomegranate *

Developed in California, assession added in 1997.  Fruit has been called both large and medium sized with good appearance, light red juice, sour and heavy bearing.

DPUN 086 / PI 599522 / CA, USA


Dewey Pomegranate

Fruit medium to large, reddish-pink, pleasant appearance.  Medium, green red, sweet rich light red juice, top sweet juice taste.

DPUN 091 / PI 599527 / CA,USA


Desertnyi Pomegranate 


A special selection from the Turkmenistan collection of world famous Pomegranate hybridist Gregory Levin. Desertnyi translates to English as “dessert” and it is a real dessert treat. With a light orange-colored rind and dark red arils (the seeds and surrounding pulp) this contrasted look is like very few other varieties. The flavor is an excellent sweet/tart balance with lots of citrus overtone. As Desertnyi matures, an almost orange juice-like flavor is evident. It has a great, firm texture with very soft edible seed. Upright growing plant with great fruit set. Maintain at any height with summer pruning. Good for fresh eating or Juice. Self-fruitful.

DPUN 108 / Turkmenistan


Double Red #2 Pomegranate


PI 599589 / CA USA


Early Wonderful Pomegranate 

The Early Wonderful variety of pomegranate matures two weeks ahead of the Wonderful pomegranate. When fully matured, it is a medium-sized bush that blooms late but is still quite productive. The flowers on this variety are a stunning orange-red color and very fertile.

Eve Pomegranate


 Fleishman Pomegranate

The tree/bush is a vigorous and productive. The fruit are large roundish and pink or yellowish red. The juice is very sweet and the seeds are soft.

PI 5995513 / CA USA


Granada Pomegranate *

DPUN279 / CA,USA or DPUN 6 Oregon, USA


Grissarskii Rozovyi Pomegranate 

This variety came from Dr. Gregory Levin when he was stationed at the Turkmenistan Experimental Station of Plant Genetic Resources, Garrygala

It is a sweet-tart type, with good balanced flavor and medium to large sized fruit. Pink and yellow rind with medium large arils and soft seeds.

DPUN 107 / Turkmenistan

Haku-Taka Pomegranate

Ornamental, from Japan in 1985

DPUN 008 / PI 599579 / Saitama, Japan


Haku-Botan Pomegranate 

This variety came from Shibamichi Nursery in Saitama, Japan. It is grown primarily for its highly ornamental double white flowers.

It is an extremely tart type, with medium to large sized fruit, yellow rind, medium sized clear to yellow tinted arils, with hard seeds. It is bracingly tart but mellows after some time in the refrigerator. Its flavor is lemon- like with a hint of “pineapple lifesaver”. It is good in a juice blend when more acidity is desired.

DPUN 007 / PI 599578 / Saitama, Japan


Hall *


Hotuni Zigar Pomegranate *

DPUN 104 / Turkmenistan


Ink Pomegranate

This variety originally came to the Davis repository from the Chico, California plant introduction station. It is from our “old block”.

It is a sweet-tart type with medium to large sized fruit, dark red rind, medium sized arils, with medium seeds. Good flavor.

DPUN 167 /  CA, USA


Kashmir Blend Pomegranate *

Medium size pomegranate with light pink-red exterior. Ruby red seeds have intense flavor with no overbearing acidic taste. Plant has a slightly spreading growth habit and can also be grown as a tree. Keep any height with summer pruning. Excellent source of antioxidants. Eat fresh or use in cooking. 


Kopetdag Pomegranate

DPUN152 / Balkan, Turkmenistan


Kyz-bibi Pomegranate *

DPUN 153 / Balkan, Turkmenistan


Mae Pomegranate

Large, red, sweet sour rich red juice, top taste, heavy bearing.

DPUN 43 / CA, USA.   PI 599523

Mejhos Pomegranate *

Assession was donated (to germplasm collection) by Turkmenistan Exp Station in 1982 collected from former Soviet Union

DPUN 058 / PI 483117 / Former Soviet Union


Molla Nepes Pomegranate *

This variety came from Dr. Gregory Levin when he was stationed at the Turkmenistan Experimental Station of Plant Genetic Resources, Garrygala

It is a sweet-Tart type, with great flavor and medium to large sized fruit. Red rind with dark red arils and very soft seeds.

DPUN 128 / Balkan, Turkmenistan


Myatadzhy *

This is a good eating fruit with a soft/medium seed and red skin and red aril. It was brought from Turkmenistan.

DPUN 134 / Balkan, Turkmenistan


Nafis 2 *


Nikitski ranni *

DPUN 067 / PI 483118 / Former Soviet Union


Orange Pomegranate


DPUN004 / PI 599590 / CA, USA


Palermo Pomegranate

Fruit large to extra large, round, medium, red-yellow rind, flavor rich-tart, slightly acid. Cuttings introduced in early 1980's from Italy.

DPUN 093 / PI 599530 / CA,USA or Italy


Parfianka Pomegranate *

Wolfskil- Dr. Levin selection. Large size fruit Red fruit is sweet with a hint of acidity. Arils are red with very small edible seeds. Vigorous upright plant sets a heavy crop dependably. Maintain at any height with summer pruning. Always receives the highest praise for overall flavor.

Great for juice or fresh eating. Self-fruitful

DPUN 124 / Balkan, Turkmenistan

Purple Heart Pomegranate

Developed by John Chater in Camarillo, California.

It is a sweet to sweet-tart type with medium to large fruit, red rind, medium to large sized dark red arils, and medium soft to medium seeds. It has good fruit flavor and color. It is good fresh eating and for juice.

Minimal splitting and excellent holding ability off the tree.

DPUN 056 / PI 599119 / CA USA


Sakerdze *

This is an excellent eating quality fruit. It is an attractive fruit with reddish yellow skin and red aril with a hard seed and sour / sweet flavor. It is from Turkmenistan.

DPUN 059 / PI 483120 / Former Soviet Union


Sharp Velvet Pomegranate *


Large sized pomegranate with a very appealing, unique mildly acid refreshing flavor. Fruit has a dark red exterior and dark seeds, the color of crushed red velvet. Upright growing plant sets huge crops of highly ornamental fruit and can be kept any height with summer pruning. Eat fresh or use in cooking. An excellent source of antioxidants. 


Sirenevyi Pomegranate *

This is an outstanding pomegranate. The fruit is sweet, spicy and aromatic. The exterior is speckled red and tan or pink. The interior is dark red and the seeds are soft. It is from Dr. Gregory Levin’s Turkmenistan collection. Harvest in late Oct and Nov. Self fruitful.

DPUN 151 / Balkan, Turkmenistan


Vina *

Papershell type of fruit, rind is pale with a pink blush. It is from a Trappist Monastery in Vina, CA

PI 599515 / CA, USA



Wild material from Balkan Turkmenistan, the seeds are soft, the arils are red and the skin is red. The fruit is attractive. Taste test winner!!

DPUN117 / Balkan, Turkmenistan


Wonderful Pomegranate 

Large, purple-red fruit with delicious, tangy flavor. Best quality in hot inland climate. Gaudy red-orange bloom, ornamental foliage. Long-lived, any soil. Self-fruitful.

This is the most common variety in California and is a wonderful fruit tree to own.

Discovered around 1896 in Porterville, CA in a group of cuttings from FL. Ripens early seeds medium.

DPUN 081 / PI 599517 / CA, USA