Blake’s Pride Pear


A distinct blend of sugars, acids and other flavors give Blake’s Pride a rich, aromatic taste. This yellow and light-golden pear was developed by horticulturalist Richard Bell with the ARS Appalachian Fruit Research Station in Kearneysville, West Virginia. This excellent eating pear also is resistant to fire blight. Ripens 10 to 14 days after Bartlett.


Harrow Delight Pear


Fireblight-resistant, with fruit similar to Bartlett. Yellow skin with attractive red blush. Smooth, fine flesh is especially flavorful. Ripe two weeks before Bartlett. Heavy-bearing tree. Introduced in 1982 (Ontario, Canada). Interfruitful with Bartlett, Bosc, D’Anjou and Moonglow.


Bartlett Pear

The world’s most popular pear. Early mid-season, high quality, tolerates hot summers. Self-fruitful in arid West. Elsewhere, pollenized by Bosc, D’Anjou, Winter Nelis.


Comice Pear

The gift pack pear. Sweet, aromatic, fine texture, superb flavor and quality – one of the best. Short neck, greenish-yellow skin with red blush. Late harvest. 600 hours. Self-fruitful in arid West or plant with Bartlett.


D’Anjou Pear

Large, short-necked, firm, good quality, keeps well. 800 hours. Pollenized by Bartlett.
D’Anjou Red Pear

Large, short-necked, firm. Stores well, excellent quality and smooth texture. Ripens with D’Anjou around Sept. 1st. Strong full red color is very even, unlike Red Bartlett, which has a blushed color. 800 hours. Pollenized by Bartlett.

Fan-Stil Pear

Fan-Stil Pear is a semi-dwarf tree with bell shaped med sized yellow skinned fruit with a lovely red blush. The flesh is white, crisp and juicy. This pear is self-fertile and ripens near the end of August. The tree has a very upright shape and is the most fire-blight resistant of all pears.


Seckel Pear

Connoisseurs’ favorite. Sweet, flavorful, aromatic, spicy, perhaps the best. Russeted brown skin. Resists fireblight. Self-fruitful.

Warren Pear

Excellent quality dessert pear—and highly resistant to fireblight. Medium to large, long-necked fruit with pale green skin, sometimes blushed red. Smooth flesh (no grit cells) is juicy and buttery with superb flavor. Good keeper. Cold hardy to -20°F. From Mississippi. Self-fruitful.

Winter Nelis Pear

Small, roundish, russeted fruit. Juicy, aromatic, sweet. Harvest late fall, keeps well. Small tree. Good pollenizer for Bartlett. Pollenizer required.

20th Century (Nijisseiki “Apple Pear”)

Juicy, sweet, mild-flavored fruit is crisp like an apple. Early to mid-August in Central Calif. Keeps well. Easy to grow, heavy bearing small tree. Self-fruitful or pollenized by Shinseiki, Bartlett, or other pear or Asian pear.

Hosui Asian Pear

Consistently rated the best-tasting Asian pear at fruit tastings. Large, juicy, sweet, flavorful, refreshing, crisp like an apple. Brownish-orange russeted skin. Harvest early to mid-August. Pollenized by Shinko, Chojuro, Bartlett, or 20th Century.