Cara Cara (Pink) Navel Orange

Early-ripening Navel Orange with medium red colored flesh. Fruit has a rich sweet flavor low in acid. The flavor is more complex than most navel varieties and has been described as evoking notes of cherry, rose petal and blackberry. Venezuelan introduction.


Midknight Valencia Orange

Another excellent summer juicing orange. Fruit holds well on the tree.

Robertson Navel Orange

Bestselling winter-ripening variety. Early and heavy bearing. Cultivar of Washington Navel.

Trovita Orange 

Spring ripening. Good in many locations from coastal areas to desert. Few seeds, thin skinned fruit, heavy producer and excellent flavor.


Washington Navel Orange 

California’s famous winter-ripening variety. Sweet, seedless fruit ripens in ten months.


Moro Blood Orange

Deep red coloration, almost purple-red, even in California coastal areas. Very productive, early maturity, distinctive aroma, exotic berry-like flavor.


Sanquinelli Blood Orange

A deep red juice and rind. Tart, spicy flavor. Stores well on tree. Best in the interior valleys of California.


Tarocco Blood Orange

Largest fruit size of the blood oranges. Orange rind and flesh develop a red blush when ready. Grows best in warm climates. Fruit is juicy, with few seeds. Flavor is sweet/tart when mature but fruit quality declines quickly.

Bouquet de Fleurs Sour Orange

An ornamental valued for its massive clusters of intensely fragrant blossoms, attractive dark orange fruit and shiny foliage. Can be used as a shrub or hedge, or in containers for an attractive and fragrant accent plant. Upright foliage with closely spaced rounded leaves is reminiscent of a bouquet.