California Honey Mandarin

An early spring ripening mandarin, similar to the Murcott with its rich, sweet flavor. May need thinning for larger fruit.

Owari Satsuma Mandarin

Hardiest tree of all mandarins. Fruit Ripens in November, December and is usually picked before the first frost. Seedless fruit peels easily.

Page Mandarin

Juicy, sweet cross between Minneola tangelo and Clementine mandarin. Round fruit has deep orange rind, which is thin but can be peeled. A good choice to complete a citrus collection. It is more productive with nearby pollinator trees: mandarins or the Valencia orange.


Minneola Tangelo

Deep reddish-orange colored fruit in winter. Leave fruit on tree for rich tangerine-like flavor in late spring through summer.

Dancy Tangerine

Often found on fruit stands at Christmas time. Heavily laden trees are popular for Chinese New Year.


Prolific fruit production. Zesty acid juice. Handsome compact habit. Outstanding in containers. Suitable for indoors or patio containers. Fantastic in marmalade.

Gold Nugget Mandarin