Eureka Lemon

Produces large crops of lemons annually. Bears all year. Standard market variety. Easy to espalier, fewer thorns than other traditional lemons.


Improved Meyer Lemon 

The gourmet lemon. “Improved” refers to the California state-tested, virus-free clone. A collaborative discovery of Joe Grimshaw and the Four Winds Nursery’s founder Floyd Dillon in the early 1950′s. Very juicy, not as tart as Eureka. Prolific bearer nearly year-round, heaviest in winter. Mature fruit takes on a golden hue.


Lisbon Lemon

Fruit is quite similar to Eureka. Thornier, dense foliage. Ample year-round crop. Good inland. More resistant to cold than Eureka.

Variegated Pink Lemon [IN] — standard and dwarf

Distinctive green and yellow variegated foliage. Lemons have pink flesh, clear juice and acidic lemon flavor. Fuchsia colored new growth and flower buds. Excellent landscape tree prized more for interesting variegated foliage than for fruit quality and quantity.

The Variegated Pink lemon is a gorgeous plant that will do well indoors. The trees are slightly larger than the Meyer and are very attractive with variegation in the foliage and young fruit.

Mexican Sweet Lemon