When Blue Oak and Valley Oak territories overlap there are mixes as the airborn oak pollen from one mixes with closely related members of their group.
Blue Oaks hybridize with other oaks in California such as another white oak, Quercus lobata, Valley Oak. You can see more blue traits in some and more valley oak traits in another. The leaf shape, galls present, acorn and cap shape, tree shape, speed of growth will be a combined look or favoring one over the other. The shapely blue leaves are loved by Blue Oak fans. They are often called Blue Oak crosses and are faster growing than more pure Blue Oak
and are more drought tolerant than Valley Oaks. The name given to these crosses is Jolon’s Oak. The variety is stunning.

24″ root ball 2″ caliper 8′ – 10′ tall x 4′ wide
32″ root ball 3″ – 4″ caliper 12′ tall x 6′ wide
38″ root ball 4″ – 5″ caliper 14′ tall x 7′ wide