Apples $300 - $500


Hudson's Golden Gem 

 One of the largest and best-flavored russet apples. Crisp, sugary, juicy flesh with flavor described as nutty by some, pear-like by others. Conical in shape with a very distinctive appearance: a smooth, uniform, grayish-gold or light yellowish-brown russet over the entire surface. Ripens after Jonagold, about with Melrose. In most climates where it is grown, the fruit hangs on the tree into winter. Good keeper. Medium-sized, vigorous, winter hardy tree. Resistant to scab, mildew and fireblight. Fruit tends to crack the first two or three years only. Chance seedling discovered in a fence row at Tangent, Oregon. Introduced in 1931. Partly self fruitful, biggest crops with cross-pollination.




Waltana is a selection from Albert Etter of Humbolt Co, CA. It is a very lovely and aromatic winter apple. The yellow flesh has a nice sweet to tart balance and the apple is firm and crisp with great flavor. It is an apple that improves in flavor as it hangs on the tree even after the leaves have dropped. It is great for eating, cooking and cider.




Famous for sauce and baking, also used fresh. Crisp, juicy, flavorful, tart. Early bloom, early harvest. Pollen-sterile, pollenizer required: Empire, Fuji, Gala, Red Delicious

10 years old trees $500