The lobatas’ ancestors once covered the region’s valley floors and gave the grasslands a park-like feel, partly due to the management style of the native people, who used the acorns for their protein nourishment. It is in the white oak family and the leaves have the beloved classic oak shape. This majestic native will send a root deep into the ground to find water. It is sometimes called the water oak and would like some help with moisture in the summer or in a drought. It’s a fast growing tree in the valley. These graceful deciduous trees provide wonderful habitat and summer shade—straight and erect for the first decades and then more spreading with age, with limbs picturesquely twisted. Our seed stock is sourced from prime trees located in Napa County.

32″ root ball 3″ – 4″ caliper 14′+ tall x 6′ wide
38″ root ball 4″ – 5″ caliper 16′ – 18′ tall x 8′ wide
48″ container 5″ – 6″ caliper 18′ – 20′ tall x 10′ wide
60″ container 6″ – 7″ caliper 22′ and up tall