Valley Oak Goes to a golf course

Dave Dexter and his crew from DEXTER estate landscapes moved this huge Valley Oak we grew to a Windsor, Sonoma County golf course from our growing ground at Main Street Trees in Napa. The lobata grew from an acorn that fell from the old trees on our property. This tree was about 15 years old. Valley Oaks are the most appropriate oak tree for our area with clay soil on the valley floor, although Coast Live Oaks grow great here too.

Rainbow Chard

This color of Rainbow Chard is as beautiful as it is delicious. Chard usually self seeds so it can provide years of fresh greens for easy cooked or fresh eating. It comes in a 'rainbow' of colors and is a delight to have in every garden. It is one of the easiest foods to grow and it does fine in a container. The bigger the container the bigger the plant and much more food to eat.

Fruit / Food Hedge


Growing a lot of what you eat can be a pleasant way to live. Gardening can be a lifestyle choice where you get your exercise, fresh air, sunshine, a visit with nature and food for eating and sharing. Even if you rent or are moving soon you can have a container garden that can move when you do. Thinking of expanding your fruit trees soon? You can keep your fruit trees small enough to pick the fruit and prune without a ladder if you train it to be small and keeping it in a container is one way of dwarfing it.

Local Beekeepers

Local Beekeepers

*Native Bees and Honeybees, like so many creatures in nature have to be protected from poison and have habitat to LIVE in. Learn more from the Xerces Society.

*Practice ecological landscaping. Wild plants and garden plants that have flowers in the fall and winter really help feed the bees and so does some fresh water in the hot summer.

Learn how here -

*Call a beekeeper if you need some bees moved. Don’t kill them!!

Napa County Ag 253-4357 is one place to find a beekeeper.

*Thinking about having your own beehives? Take a class! Join in with local beeks to figure it out BEFORE getting your own beehive. It’s not just about the honey!

*Meet at Round Table Pizza on Solano 3rd Mondays each month from 6:30-8:30

—the URL of the online page where we announce local bee info like swarms available and when we are meeting to learn.

Dave's Garden

Main Street Trees' garden buddies Dave and Suzin have a FANTASTIC garden on La Homa in Napa. If you drive by this month you will see the happiest collection of sunflowers in the area. Dave's sunflowers are feeding the pollinators, so thanks Dave!