Starting Fruit Trees - Most are Grafted

We all can graft our own trees and the local chapters of California Rare Fruit Growers will help you by making available way more varieties than you could ever need and will show you how to graft your own with several workshops per year. Here at Main Street Trees we offer some fruit trees that are grafted and some that are not. Some are of a large size and already had yummy fruit last year. If you are in a hurry for fruit you can buy a tree that already has a nice shape started and will probably have fruit this year. If you are not in a hurry, you can graft a branch onto a tree you have or start your own rootstock and make a fruit cocktail tree. Grow short trees or bushes and you can reach all the fruit without a ladder. Grow fruit close together through pruning have smaller plants and more variety of fruit to harvest over the year. More different varieties in smaller spaces can provide you with more food security. Fresh local food - your back yard!

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