Robert Young Bamboo - new canes

This month the new fresh cans are popping up on the Robert Young Bamboo. They are striped with yellows, greens and red wine colors. This is one of my favorite bamboos. The height will get to about 14 feet and the cane diameter is about an inch in diameter or more if your stand is happily fed. Some of the canes jog in a zig zag of about 6 inches called knees. This style of bamboo is in the runner category so it should be contained with a sturdy barrier or kept in a container. If you have a lot of space and do not mind, it will spread to a wide area but usually will not travel under pavement. Usually folks are glad they took the time to submerge a perimeter and then let it fill that area beautifully. The new canes coming up right now will be their final diameter and will grow 6 inches per day to their final height and then just get woodier, stronger over the next 5 years.


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