Pineapple Guava Flowers - Edible Petals

I love the taste of both the flower and the fruit of the Pineapple Guava aka Feijoa. It is often seen as a foundation plant near homes as it is a very nice shrub - keeping it's leaves year round with awesome looking flowers at this time of year. Some have had the plant for years and not tried the fruit. Here's a suggestion - try tasting the flower petals too! Don't go overboard on that though and eat too many or you will not have the fantastic fruit in the fall. I think the fruit tastes like strawberry + pineapple + kiwi. It has a good sour to sweet balance so maybe you will like it if sour is okay with you for fruit. Many people have not tried it but like it when they do. It is such a sweet looking plant too. The thick leaves are whitish on the backside and glossy on the top. Even though it is called a guava it can handle frost and I do not cover it like I do for citrus, avocados, other guavas and bananas. I have a set of trees (bushes) selected to have larger than usual fruit in both round and long versions. Add this to an evergreen edible hedge with citrus, loquats and avocados.

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